Sep 25

The Health Benefits of Having a Pet

Golden RetrieversMost people think of pets merely as furry playmates and companions. This is especially true for those who have never owned a pet or feel somewhat antagonistic towards animals. But ask any pet owner how their furry friends have impacted their lives and they will give you almost similar answers – very positively.

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Sep 25

Be a Responsible Pet Owner – Get Pet Insurance!

IPet Insurancen all my years as a vet, one problem stands out among pet owners – lack of pet insurance. Most pet owners think of pet insurance merely as an unnecessary expense. I will tell you right now that it is not. In fact, I always encourage my patients’ owners to consider taking out pet insurance for their furry companions.


How Can You Benefit from Pet Insurance?


There are a lot of ways you, as a pet owner, can benefit from pet insurance. However, its main benefit is the peace of mind you can get by knowing that your pet will be taken care of no matter your financial situation. Another benefit is the fact that you are protected from spending thousands of dollars on veterinary bills in case of emergencies.

Let me tell you a little story.

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Sep 25

Exotic Pets in Southeast Asia

Cotton Top TamarinsA couple of months ago, my wife and I took a couple of weeks off from our daily lives to travel to Southeast Asia. I asked my parents to stay at our house to take care of the kids and my assistant to come in everyday to help with tending to our pets. I also hired a housekeeper to make things easier for my parents.

Now before we booked our trip, I told my wife that I really wanted to experience the local culture of the countries we would be visiting. That meant, I didn’t want to stay at some fancy hotel that had all the amenities you could ever need because frankly, I had no plans of staying indoors. My wife suggested we book our accommodations through AirBnB so we could get a dose of the true local hospitality. After doing some research, I agreed.

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Mar 16

The Dos and Don’ts of Choosing a Healthy Puppy Diet

There are few things in life more exciting than bringing home a new puppy. You’ve purchased a crate, a plush bed, a stylish leash and collar set, and of course, lots of toys! Your family is ready to raise a happy, healthy dog, right? All too often the most important item you can buy for your puppy becomes an afterthought: a healthy diet. With all of the opposing viewpoints and changing trends regarding pet food, it can seem like a daunting task to choose a nutritious diet. Follow these Dos and Don’ts to ensure an informed decision on behalf of your new pup.

Do Read the Fine Print:
The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) establishes the nutritional guidelines for pet foods. Each bag of food or treats must have an AAFCO statement, but read it carefully! A puppy food label reading something like “This diet meets the AAFCO requirements for growth and maintenance of puppies” sounds like a pretty good endorsement, right? In reality, this means the diet meets minimum requirements. An AAFCO label reading “Puppy feeding tests using X Brand Puppy Food show that this diet provides complete and balanced nutrition for growing puppies” indicates that the pet food company took an extra, non-required step to conduct actual feeding trials and obtain the Gold Standard endorsement from AAFCO.

Don’t Get Hung Up on Trendy Ingredients:
A very popular pet food brand has built quite a name for itself by advertising meat as the number one ingredient, and condemning meat byproducts. Yes, your puppy needs lots of meat for protein, but this company wants you to believe that byproducts are bad for your pet. In the wild, dogs eat gizzards, entrails, internal organs, etc when they make a kill. These “byproducts” are nutrient rich and quite tasty to your pup! Look for Grade A Chicken or Beef Byproducts in a good puppy food, as well as whole meat ingredients. The important thing is that the first few ingredients list “Grade A” meat products.

Do Measure Carefully:
Puppies grow and develop quickly. As they do, it is important to adjust the amount of food they are eating. At 8 – 12 weeks of age (a pup younger than this should still be nursing) it can be beneficial to feed several small meals throughout the day to avoid drops in blood sugar, especially in smaller breeds. Utilize your veterinarian for advice on how much to feed, how often, and when to wean to an adult diet. Your vet’s office is also a great resource for frequently tracking your puppy’s weight as she develops.

Don’t Choose a Diet Based on Taste:
Children love pizza, but responsible parents know that eating pizza three times a day can spell disaster for a growing child. The same is true for puppies. Several foods on the market are packed with delicious added fats, sugars and salts. Your puppy may love them, but that doesn’t mean they are the healthful choice!

The sheer volume of puppy diets on the shelves can make you want to grab the first bag and run. With a little research and time, you can choose a food that will give your puppy a healthy start in life. Don’t be afraid to ask questions at the pet store or reach out to your vet for advice. A balanced diet will lead to more years with your new family member!

Mar 09

Helping Your Pet Cope With Moving Anxiety

Moving can be a stressful time and is always a major life event for anyone. This is especially true if you have pets, as they have a tendency to be very anxious and scared during this time. If you look at it from their perspective, you can understand why. During this time, their whole world is being turned upside down and they don’t have any understanding as to why. This can make an already stressful time even more stressful, as you have to deal with an unusually anxious pet along with moving everything you own. To help you out, I’ve come up with some easy to follow tips that you can follow that will help make moving easier for you and your pet.

Don’t Wait Till The Last Minute

When people move, some decide to wait till the last minute and make more of a mad dash of sorts, but doing this is extremely stressful to your pet. Our pets are very anxious to brand new things and if all the sudden they find boxes and everything they know strewn around, they will become very anxious. You can help them by having a lot of stuff packed up days in advance and leaving the boxes around the house, letting your pet become accustomed to them being there. They may still be a little anxious on moving day, but they will be used to seeing the boxes and things moved around so it’ll be easier for them.

Keep Them In A Safe Room

If you can, try to keep your pet in a safe room that is quiet from all the noise and commotion from the moving. One of the worst things you can do is leave your pet roaming around while there is a lot of moving and people walking in and out of the house. Keeping them in a safe room will keep them from being nervous, and it will help keep them safe from someone accidentally stepping on them or even sneaking out the door and getting lost. Nothing can make moving harder for you like losing your beloved pet through all the things going on.

Maintain Their Schedule

Do your best to keep your pet’s schedule the same as you possibly can. Our pets get very used to their routine, like when they eat, go outside, and bedtime. To help with this on moving day, try and feed them at the same time you usually do and anything else you normally do as well. Doing your best to keep to their routine will help them a lot and help you keep your sanity as well.

Medication If Needed

If you happen to have a very nervous pet, even if you do all the things listed above, your pet may still be a ball of stress and anxiety on moving day. If you know this then, it’s not a bad idea to get some anxiety medication from your vet to help keep them calm during the hectic moving day or days. Just be sure to follow the vet’s prescription and not over medicate your pet.

This article was written with the help of Keller Williams Realty in Springfield, MO. To find out more about them just click here.

Feb 26

When Pets Clog the Toilet, Don’t Let it Ruin Your Today

Pets can be very playful and sometimes they can clog your toilet. However, you can do something about it.

You already know just how much your pets love to bite on anything. Worse, they don’t just bite, but move these things around. Thus, you will just be surprised to come home one day and see that your house is already very messy. Aside from having a messy house, the worst part is that as you step in the toilet, it has been clogged with almost all sorts of things. Your pet might have the tendency to be playful and decide to just drop whatever it is that they want on the toilet bowl. You will then get angry and your day is already ruined.

This can really be disgusting and annoying at the same time. However, instead of getting angry, you can just find a way to solve the problem by then, you won’t have to deal with the same issue the next time around.

Train your pets to do the right thing

Though it might take some time, but pet dogs and cats can be disciplined. They just need to practice. You must also have a signal that will immediately make them stop. You don’t have to shout at them or kick them out every time they do something bad. Once they have already gotten used to the training, then they won’t do the same thing again.

Don’t leave your toilet door open

The reason why they can easily get inside the toilet and drop a lot of things is because you leave the door open. If not you, then someone else in the family might have done it. Thus, it helps if you discipline your family members too. Tell them to cooperate so you can solve the problem. Otherwise, the problem stays. If the pets already learn how to open the door even if it is closed, then lock it from the inside. Make sure everyone has a key so they can open the door when they have to.

Learn how to unclog a toilet

When you face a clogged toilet because your pets play around, you have to stay calm and do the right thing. To begin with, you have to remove the bigger objects that get stuck. Before doing it, you have to use gloves for sanitary purposes. Once the smaller items are left, you have to try flushing them down and see if the problem is solved. If not, you might have to use a plunger. Remember not to keep on flushing everything down. If it has been clogged already, flushing will just make things worse. You can use a plunger or a snake to unclog the toilet. If you want to know more details on how to unclog a toilet, you can check this out. After some time, the problem will already be solved.

Your pets will always be playful. You just have to learn how to control them and not let them mess around again. Most of all, you just have to enjoy these moments. They are cute the way they are and you just have to smile since they obviously have no intention of harming you in any way.

Feb 15

Use Vacuum for Pets to Keep Your House Clean and Safe

You definitely love your pets and you want to stay with them as much as possible. Whether you are eating or sleeping, you want to be beside your pet. This might be frowned at by many, but there is nothing wrong with it. As long as you keep your pets clean and you have no allergies to pet hairs, then you will be fine. However, not everyone at home might feel the same way. There might be family members who are allergic to pets especially with the hairs. When these pets roam around the house, they will surely leave behind some hairs.

This will place you in a very difficult situation. You wanted to keep your pets out of the house to avoid allergic reactions. At the same time, you don’t want to stay away from your pets too. In this case, the best thing to do is to just buy a vacuum for pets. You can find out more about the best vacuum for pet hair in this site. With this machine by your side, you won’t have to worry about your pets anymore. If your family member who is allergic to pets is around, you can just clean the house right away using the vacuum. The best part is that the vacuum is cheap and can last for a long time. It can also easily clean up whatever pet hair it is that can be found around the house.

Using floor cleaning solutions

If the vacuum won’t suffice, then all you have to do is to get a floor cleaner. It does not just remove the hair, but also help ensure that the floor is clean and sparkling. The amount that you put on the floor depends on the instructions given by a particular brand. The process is very simple. You just have to mix floor cleaners with water and place it on a spray bottle. You can spray it on the floor and use a mop to wipe the water off. It does not take time for the process to be over. Again, if you need to clean the floor already, then you just have to do this simple chore. In case your water source is not clean enough, then you might have to check the main water supply. If it is not the problem, then it might be the faucet. In this case, you have to check out kitchen faucet reviews at for more information. Once you change the faucet and you choose the one with filters, you will get clean water.

With these tricks, you don’t have to worry about pets anymore. You can play with them and bring them anywhere in your house and you still won’t worry about cleanliness. Just make sure that you clean constantly if you allow your pets to move around all the time. Take note that they also play outside the house. When they step inside your house, they will bring all dust and dirt. Thus, cleaning must be done constantly.

Feb 15

Easy Ways to Get Rid of the Ants in Your Home

Ants in your home can be a real problem that can damage your house and decrease its value. If you spot ants or other pests in your house, you need to get rid of them. There are many ways to get rid of ants in your home. But first, you need to find out where and how the ants are entering your home.

Common Places of Entry for Ants in Your Home
There are different areas where ants can enter your home. To help get rid of ants in your home, you must first create barriers to these entry areas. These areas may include:

• Underneath doors, molding, and walls

• Through loose or cracked floor boards

• Around loose fitting windows

• In your basement

To effectively rid your home of ants, you must secure these areas and create physical barriers that the ants cannot get around. If you can locate and secure those areas where ants are entering your house, you will have a much better chance of getting rid of them.

Make Your Home Less Inviting for Ants
Ants are attracted to the inside of your home by food. To effectively get rid of ants in your home, you must get rid of the food particles that attract them.

Start in your kitchen, and make sure you keep the countertops clean and free of crumbs. Secure all food in containers, and check the crevices between appliances for food crumbs. Once your kitchen is clean, make sure your dining room remains well kept and free of food crumbs. Make a rule in your home that no food is to be consumed outside of specified dining areas.

By eliminating food crumbs in your kitchen, you make your home much less enticing for ants.

Techniques to Rid Your Home Of Ants
There are many ways to effectively get rid of ants in your home. Some methods are more natural and safe, and other techniques may require a bit of chemicals to be used. Be sure to check local codes before applying any chemical to the inside or outside of your home.

Methods to help rid your home of ants:
• Use scents that ants do not like. Spray vinegar around areas where ants are entering your home, or use scents like peppermint oil, camphor, or garlic in these areas. Ants do not like these strong odors and will avoid these areas.

• Spread chalk or talc around areas where ants enter your home. Ants are repelled by talc and chalk, so a small barrier of the substance around areas where ants enter may help deter them.

• Use soapy water. Ants do not like soapy water, so mix dish soap and water in a spray bottle to spray areas where ants are entering your home. You can add a bit of orange peel to it to help create a pleasant scent.

• Use boric acid. Ants do not like boric acid, so sprinkling some boric acid powder around areas where ants enter your home may be an effective way to get rid of them. Boric acid powder can also be spread around your home’s foundation to help control ants. Remember, boric acid is caustic and may not be suitable for all homes, especially those with young children.

Getting rid of ants in your home can be challenging, but by keeping your home clean, creating barriers where ants enter, and by using some tried and true techniques, you may be able to free your home of these insects. If all else fails, call a professional exterminator to manage your ant problem.

Feb 14

Tips on How to Make Sure Your Dog Enjoys its Shelter

Being a veterinarian has always been a dream for me. As a young boy, I always had this deep passion for animals and caring for them, and nursing them to health. Ensuring their survival is one of the most rewarding things that I have accomplished in my life. The thing with my experience as a veterinarian though is that not only do I get to care for people’s pets, I also get to advise my clients on how to best take care of their pets’ homes. This is supposed to be beyond my skills and training but I believe that the welfare of the dog also depends, to a huge extent, on the condition of its shelter.

A lot of my clients use cages to house their pets, particularly large dogs since they cannot have them inside their house at all times. Others choose to build wooden houses for their dogs. Whatever your choice is, there are some benefits and drawbacks for each. The best thing you can do is to properly care for your pet’s shelter as that would ensure protection for him from the elements.

Let us take a look at some of the most common pet shelters that people use today.

Metal Cages

Metal cages are popular because they are sturdy and would serve for a long time. If you have a large dog like a Rottweiler or a Mastiff, then it should be the pet shelter of your choice. The problem with metal cages is that if proper care is not applied, they could deteriorate way faster than expected.

Metal rust is a nasty enemy. It can be annoying when it comes in contact with your clothing, but that is just a minor thing. Rusts will not only destroy your dog cage but it will also endanger your beloved pet. The problem is that rusts develop when metal is exposed to water. This is something unavoidable given that the dog would urinate at least once in a day.

Inspect the cage thoroughly. If you detect any rust formation, no matter how small, treat it right away. You can use lemon juice (citric acid). Acetic acid also works well against rusts. Your vinegar is a great source of acetic acid. Another excellent recipe I learned from my travels is a mixture of salt and lime. Simply apply a bit of salt on the affected area and then squeeze a lime or lemon over the salt until it is soaking. Wait for a couple of hours and remove the rust using the lime rind.

Wooden Shelter

Wooden shelter for dogs is a great alternative to metal cages. They provide the same amount of protection but they do not cost as much as their metal counterpart. In fact, you can simply have them constructed from scrap materials.

The problem with this type of pet shelter is that it is not as sturdy as metal cages and is susceptible to insect attacks such as that of termites. Termites are a real pest especially when they get out of hand. The thing with these tiny insects is that you never notice they have attacked until it is too late.

Fortunately, dealing with termites is not that difficult. You just have to keep it in mind from the day you had your pet’s wooden shelter built. The best way to keep termites off is by treating the whole shelter with repellants. You can learn more about this by checking with professionals or looking at to gain information like termite treatment cost as well as ways to deal with the problem on your own.

Always remember, providing shelter for your dog is as important as feeding them. Loving your dog also means making extra effort to take care of their shelter.

Feb 13

Pets Deserve Safe and Clean Water

When it comes to drinking water, we are really careful of what we put into our mouth. In fact, many people don’t drink tap water even if it is deemed potable in their area. This is a good thing especially if you want to stay safe and healthy. However, when it comes to pets, a lot of people could only care less. As long as the water looks clean, they won’t mind giving it to their pets. This is definitely a big no. Take note that just like humans pets also deserve clean drinking water. In fact, some animals are more sensitive to drinking water than humans. Therefore, if you want safe drinking water for you and your pets, then you might have to consider a water ionizer.

What is a water ionizer?

Ionizers are simple machines that cleanse water by means of filtering. The filter is composed of activated carbon and ceramic. During the filtration process, the water ions will be split into two. This separates the acidic and alkaline parts. If the ideal alkaline level is met, then it provides lots of health benefits.

The pH level can be changed depending on the use of water. If you are to drink the water, then light alkaline is appropriate. The same thing is true for pets. On the other hand, for cooking and brewing purposes, medium alkaline is perfect. Finally, for cooking vegetables and rice, and cleaning fruits, heavy alkaline can be used. Take note that these dishes have to be prepared well. If not, you might have stomach problems and so will your pet.

Best Qualities

The best part about using the ionizer is that it is so easy to handle. You can easily choose the alkaline level using an LCD touch screen. You can also change the levels with a simple touch. When it comes to the device itself, you are assured that it will last for a long time. It is coated with titanium. The plates are guaranteed to last long. These devices usually come with at least one year warranty. Voice prompt is also available to help you deal with the device easily.

Why will your pets love ionized water?

To begin with, ionized water tastes really good compared with ordinary water. It also helps flush out toxins of the body. Pets are vulnerable to different toxins due to the nature of the food that they eat. Therefore, when you use ionized water, you are guaranteed that they will remain healthy. This is true especially if they drink the water regularly. The water also balances the alkaline levels in the body. This helps your pets avoid certain diseases. 

If you are interested with this idea, you can check out a thorough Alkalux 2507 water ionizer review through this site. You will find out more about the benefits that you will get out of the device. It might feel weird when you taste the water at first. The same thing is true for your pets. However, the more that you take it, the better it feels.

Aside from providing your pets with potable water, you might also want to take them out for physical activities. When you do soccer training, it won’t hurt to bring them. Take a look at the most epic soccer training review at for more details.

Feb 13

Walking Dogs With Mobility Scooters

I wrote this article for elderly dog owners who’d love to take their best friend for long walks but lack the strength to keep up with their lively pets.

Research shows that pet owners are healthier, have less stress and lower blood pressure in high stress situations. Pets (especially dogs) have been reported to give direct health benefits to seniors.

As a veterinarian and a dog owner I do know how much dogs love getting out of the house. I’m sure you love your dog as well and you want the best for your dog. So how do you give your dog the stroll that they deserve when you yourself can barely get up and walk?

You’ve certainly noticed that some seniors use power scooters as an aid to get out of the house and do some grocery shopping. The great thing about these scooters is just how much independence they provide. If walking is painful, with a mobility scooter (usually electric powered) you can get out and explore again in comfort.

But did you know that you can use that same scooter to walk your dog?

Most dogs usually adapt quickly to going on walks with a mobility scooter. There are a few things to consider though, before taking your dogs out for a walk.

You may want to check out the route yourself before going out with your dog

Make sure the sidewalks are wide enough to comfortably fit both you and your dog. In a mobility scooter your dog will likely need to walk next to you, rather than before or behind you. Most mobility scooters are not great at going over grass so make sure you know the capabilities of your scooter. If you’re looking to buy a mobility scooter then you might want to check this article that compares and reviews different models. To be on the safe side pick routes where you can keep your scooter on solid ground and let your pooch walk off into the grass. A retractable leash may be a good idea. You can keep the leash short when walking but lengthen it when you park and let your dog go off a ways into the grass.

Some dogs get a little nervous around scooters or don’t pay attention to the wheels

If you mobility scooter is new take some time to introduce your dog to it before going on a walk. Let your dog come and sniff the scooter while it is parked. Dogs that are scared can be encouraged with small treats. You should also make certain you are comfortable steering the scooter before going on a walk with your dog. Not only will you have a dog to manage but also the steering of the scooter! You don’t want to risk the safety of you or your dog.

If you have a small dog, be cautious about placing them in the basket of your scooter

Even the calmest of dogs can be distracted by a squirrel and take a flying leap out of the basket. For a small dog a fall from that height can break bones. Some people may use a short leash to clip dogs onto the wire of the basket but this can damage the basket and pose a serious risk to your dog if you were to get into an accident. The safest place for your dog is walking along side your scooter. Remember, depending on the mobility scooter you may end up going too fast for your dog. Always keep an eye on them and make sure they aren’t struggling to keep up, especially on hot days.

A folding cane can be a good accessory to take with you when walking your dog with a mobility scooter

If you want to get out of your scooter to take your dog off the path or need to clean up after them it is always good to have that extra stability.

Hope this little write-up gave you some ideas and courage to get back out there and also give your dog a little more freedom.

Feb 13

The Importance of Taking Your Cats to the Vet Once in a While

Most cat owners take their cats to the vet at least once a year. Well, this is if the cat is lucky enough to be taken to the vet at all. Most cat owners see their cats as healthy and are not in need of regular check. However, the truth is that according to most vets, cats need to be checked in every 5 to 6 months. They might seem healthy looking, but they could have certain ailments that need treatment. Besides, we always play with cats. It is therefore important that they remain healthy especially if when we are around them all the time.

What does a cat get during checkups?

On a regular checkup, your cat will get a check from head to tail. Each part will be checked for infections, wounds or other problems. The entire procedure lasts for about 15 to 20 minutes. However, this can go even longer if there are problems found on your pet. If your cat already has some problems, then it might have to go through some more tests. For instance, if your cat can’t walk well due to some bone fractures on the leg, then it might be have to undergo x-ray. It might even go through surgery when necessary. The visit might also be for vaccination purposes. It is better to have your pets vaccinated. This is not just for their good but also for your kids who will play with them.

Aside from serious tests, your cat will undergo regular checks during the visit. This might include checking of the ears for possible parasites. The mouth and teeth will also be checked for potential gum diseases or even tartar. The skin will also be looked closely for lesions or other skin problems. Your cat will also be weighed. Cats tend to be overweight. This can pose lots of health risks. Thus, the vet will ensure that it won’t be a problem in the long run. This is true especially for indoor cats as they get less physical activities.

Advantages of regular checkups

You might find these checkups unnecessary especially if you don’t think your cat has a problem. In fact, you might think of it as just a waste of money. However, you have to understand that your cats need to stay healthy. They are not as strong as human beings. Their lives might be cut short if they face certain conditions, even if they are supposed to have nine lives.

Furthermore, your cat might easily contact respiratory diseases or rabies. There is also a condition called feline leukemia that is as fatal as leukemia for human beings. It is therefore imperative to have them checked to secure their health. This will also prevent them from potentially spreading the disease to humans.

Avoiding stress during checkups

You might find checkups stressful especially if your cat cannot be taken to the car easily. Thus, you need to make sure that you have the toys ready. You must also secure your cat in a container to avoid running out of the car or causing more problems. You should also condition your cat about this medical checkup every now and then.

To find out more advice on how to keep not just your pets healthy, but your entire family as well, you can visit

Feb 12

Basic Tips For Raising a Good Hunting Dog

During its first year, a puppy is exposed to life in a multitude of ways. It can be exciting and fun, but somewhat intimidating at the same time, which is why you have to be careful in your way of guidance, exposure and monitoring. Your aspiration should be to develop positive habits and aid it in coming to terms with its predatory instincts, while also developing its self-confidence. At the same time, you must avoid the development of bad habits in the pup. You must also mix in the essentials of obedience. Obviously, all this means you will have to balance out different aspects of training, but, in my experience, it has always been a rewarding endeavor to train a hunting pup.

In today’s post, I’ll share with you some essential tips for raising hunting dogs from the time when they are little pups:

  • Crates: Be it for home use or for travelling, a crate plays a vital role in the training and safety of a young dog. Crate training of the dog begins as soon as you bring the dog home. Once it has settled into the crate and enjoys it, take it to the car and go on short trips initially.

Visit an area where the puppy can be let out so that it can have a bit of fun. If the only early trips your pup takes are the ones where it goes to the veterinarian for a vaccine shot, it won’t be all that keen on loading up when it is time to take it out for training.

  • Dogs and people: Introducing your dog to its peers early on is a sensible thing to do. Let it play with family members as well as your other dogs initially, but try to provide it with more exposure if it is manageable. Taking the dog to the park or an elementary obedience class will contribute to it growing into a well-adjusted, solid animal.
  • Heavy cover and open fields: A young dog might get scared in the great outdoors. It isn’t that hard to forget this fact, but you must realize that the dog will eventually be hunting in the same great outdoors. It is for this reason that you must make an effort to familiarize it early on with such settings as heavy cover and open fields, so it can learn to explore and chase after game birds. This type of familiarization is fun for the pup and fosters confidence and predatory drive, besides building its strength, body and endurance.
  • Guns and gunfire: Gunsmiths often have to test fire their creations and modifications to ensure that they are working properly – and I dabbled my hand quite a bit in this field as a hobby before picking out a gunsmithing school to take an elementary course! What my hobbyist gunsmithing taught me was that dogs, even young pups, aren’t inherently shy of guns, contrary to what some may believe. Sure, some soft natured dogs can become gun-shy, but if you train your pup carefully, it will most likely come to accept gunfire as something natural. This is good, since hunting dogs will frequently be exposed to gunfire in the fields, and must learn to associate it with the promise of downed game.

Feb 09

Going on an Adventure with Your Dog? Here are Must-Know Tips

Most people come to me for advice on their pets, both inside my clinic and on the streets. I find myself being a less-popular and poorer version of Cesar Milan, the famed dog whisperer.  I have people chat me up while on the grocery or even when I am on vacation. I guess this is one of the disadvantages of being a community figure; everyone knows who I am and what I do.

Once, I was vacationing in Hawaii and came across some interesting stories. Here, I wasn't the famous vet that everyone knows. But I think my affection for pets always gives me away because I find myself gravitating towards people who travel with their pets in tow. Being in Hawaii, it was natural to see the affluent travelers and vacationers with dogs and cats in designer bags and carrying cases. They have these expensive cages and eat food that is more expensive that you and I would dine on. These are the pets who get groomed and pampered all the time while the rest of the population work their hardest to make a decent living.

No complaints here. I've long accepted that some pets are more pampered than humans. Take for example dogs who go surfing in Hawaii. Yes, being naturally good swimmers and with a good sense of balance, it is not a far-fetched idea that dogs can surf.  Dogs, just like humans, can use these very creative and helpful inflatable paddle boards from I've seen how helpful they are for both pets and humans and it’s just another way for pet owners to be able to enjoy more time with their four-legged pets. Dogs have an amazing sense of balance, and if you want to teach your dog how to surf, this kind of paddle board will be something truly helpful for you. You can use it on an inflatable pool for practice and out in the open when the dog and human are both attuned to the idea of surfing.

Another thing that I normally notice during vacations is that dogs would get themselves hopelessly entangled into anything. Leashes can become knotted and dogs often panic when this happens. As a pet owner, one of the best things that you can do aside from always having newspaper and litter paper around is to carry this It is considered the best pocket knife by outdoors people and it will clearly help you and your pet get out of an unfortunate situation with the least damage. I say this because an entangled or trapped dog panics and causes more panic to ensue in the rest of the environment he is in. Best to cut the leash loose with a knife rather than cause more damage to property.

These two tips can help make your vacation time with dogs or any other pet for that matter, more enjoyable and pleasant. It will also help to have the number of a vet on your speed dial just in case anything untoward happens.

Feb 05

Hiring A Cleaning Company to Clean After Your Pets

Pets are a fun and loving addition to any household. They are forever friends who quickly become the smallest members of the family. But along with the joys that Fluffy and Fido bring into the home also comes a whole new level of cleaning issues. Oftentimes, people don’t realize the amount of cleaning that will come with new pets.

Most people think it’s simply a matter of cleaning up some cat fur or a little puppy piddle left on the floor. Once they realize just how involved things can get, they often feel overwhelmed. The amount of shedding animal hair alone will make you question whether you have adopted a cat or dog, or a yeti. Fortunately, there are professional cleaning services that cater specifically to the needs of pet owners. They operate on the same principles as a regular housecleaning/maid service, but their primary focus is on the mess left by your pets.

Someone’s going to clean up THAT?
Believe it or not, yes. Especially if you hire the right bond cleaning company. Pet cleaning services are equipped and prepared for the worst of the worst that your pet has to “offer”. You may initially feel mortified at the thought of having someone come into your home specifically to clean up after your pet. But once you have done it yourself a few times, you will develop a great appreciation for the service! Remember, many of the folks who work for these companies have their own fur babies at home, so it’s likely to be nothing they haven’t encountered before.

What exactly does the service include?

As with any cleaning service, the options vary. Some services will schedule a day each week to come to your home and do a general cleaning, and then either bi-weekly or monthly they will do a full-scale deep cleaning.
General cleaning services may include:
•Cleaning litter boxes
•Cleaning pet houses/crates/cages/sleeping areas
•Cleaning of pet food areas
•Removing pet hair from furniture & floors
•Eliminating pet odors
•Removal of stains/spots on carpets or furniture due to pet accidents

A more thorough cleaning may include all of the above services plus:
•Deep cleaning of spots on carpets or furniture due to pet accidents
•Removal of dog waste from yard areas
•Treatment of surfaces to prevent cat spraying issues

Why not just do it myself?

The more in-depth cleaning services offered by these companies have many advantages. They are especially beneficial if someone in your home suffers from allergies due to cat hair or dander. Routine daily cleaning doesn’t always ensure thorough removal of hair or dander; therefore, buildup can occur quickly. Spots left by pet accidents can be cleaned with a wide array of store-bought cleaning products. However, professional-grade products are needed to remove deep-down spots, which will help to prevent permanent stains.

Let the professionals make your life-and your pet’s-easier

If you are like most people today, you have a hectic schedule. You want to spend the free time you do have relaxing or spending quality time with your family, including your pets. Why not let the professionals handle at least some of the cleaning for you?

Jan 27

Nail art for dogs

You probably have heard countless vet jokes and one-liners, but here’s one I experienced: A lady walked into the vet with a really fat cat, another overfed pet, I mused. The lady wanted to know why the cat was so fat despite cutting her food rations, and on first look, I discovered it was pregnant.

When I told the owner, she thought for a second then said: “Is it at all possible that the dog made it pregnant since I have no other cat?

That will be a problem to my conservative Christian husband.

In this post, though, I am going to write about something different I learnt just the other day – nail art and nail painting for dogs. Being a vet may seem dull because a patient cannot chat you up, but it brings new surprises every day, from the clueless pet owners and from experiences and practices around the world.

If you are one of those people who think that toe and finger nail art is a trend that is getting out of hand, you will be surprised to see just what more artistic souls are doing on their dog’s nails.

I am not just referring to occasional dipping of a puppy’s nails in nail polish because it kept lingering – I am talking about a culture that has grown so much in popularity especially in japan to the point where there are companies that specialize in making nail polish specifically for pups. Is this a worthy fun activity or just a craze among a few?

The complicated patterns and special nail paint concocted for your pup’s nails is admittedly taking it to a whole new level, but whether it is art for the owner or art for the dog, it is sure is fun creating patterns and painting designs on an already cute pet.

There of course is the fact that the dog does not know and does not care that there are yellow flowers and blue berries painted on its nails, and even it id did, the selection of patterns and colors is entirely up to its human, if the art is horrible, is it fair to subject the dog to an ‘art’ that might make it look like it is suffering nail disease?

The more I learnt about the dog nail painting art, which has its roots in France (which I learnt from my French friend Sarah who owns a blog about “Formation Prothésiste Ongulaire, which is French for Nail Art Schools) but has become a ‘thing’ in Japan and South Korea, the more I was fascinated by how simple it is and how amazing the results are.
Before I made up my mind to paint my son’s 2 year old Labrador’s nails, I read more about the art and especially how ridiculous it would look trying to tie the dog down to get some manicure.

I learnt that the trick to getting the best results is to work fast because all dogs don’t have the patience to be still for long and their claws are actually much narrower than a human’s.

The results can be amazing, I assure you, especially if you use nail color specially formulated for dog nails. These colors are concocted with more pigments to make them show better on the darker claws and they are safe if the dog chews them off.

I also learnt that nail painting for dogs isn’t just about appearance, if you love your dog and want to spend quality time bonding, it will automatically associate nail painting with care and love and it wouldn’t be surprising if it started demanding it after a while. You would be wrong if thought only humans bond over an intimate nail art experience, but I cannot say the same for cats.

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