Hi! My name is Tom Hundar and welcome to my blog! I am an animal lover through and through. In fact, it is because of my love for animals that I decided to become a veterinarian.

As of writing, I own two German Shepherds, two Yorkshire Terriers, one Maine Coon, and one Himalayan cat. I also have four mixed breed canines and two felines that I rescued from our local shelter. Yes, all my pets get along very well except maybe for my Himalayan cat who seems to think she’s the queen and the others are just commoners.

My property is fairly large and to make the most of our land, my wife and I recently had an aviary built in our backyard. It’s currently home to about twenty birds of different species. Aside from these, I also have fresh water and salt water aquariums around my house.

Aside from the animals that we already own, we also foster canines and felines that can no longer be accommodated in shelters. We don’t have a time limit for the animals that we foster. We take care of them and treat them as our own until they find a forever home.

How do I take care of all our animals? Well, I am very blessed to have a wife and kids that are animal lovers like me. We all do our share in making sure all of our pets are well taken care of.

My veterinary clinic is also located within my property and I also make emergency house calls. A couple of times a year, I travel abroad as a volunteer for an organization that focuses in providing veterinary care for less privileged pet owners.

Here in my blog, you will read about my adventures and misadventures with my pets, patients, as well as stories about my travels abroad. I also share tips and advice for pet owners.

Happy reading!