Nov 27

Always Check What Your Dogs Drink

Always Check What Your Dogs DrinkWhen dogs are thirsty, they will look for anything to drink, regardless of what the substance is. Put any liquid in front of them and they will drink it. Dogs don’t necessarily discriminate on liquids easily, unless they have a very toxic taste. As long as they seem sweet or tasteless, it will be just fine for them. This is why you need to be careful when you see them licking on liquid substances. You also have to be careful in keeping them out of the liquids that could harm them.


Milk and sweetened water

Milk is not necessarily good for your dogs. They lack the enzymes to break down the substances present in milk. They can also suffer from lactose intolerance and have digestion problems. This is why you need to just stop your dog from drinking milk. However, there are cases when they are tolerant to milk. A cup of milk won’t harm them if this is the case. Sweetened water like Gatorade or carbonated beverages is a big no. They are too sweet for your dogs. If humans can suffer from sweet beverages, the same effect will happen to your dogs.


Fruit juices

As long as they are natural fruit juices, they are perfectly fine. Avoid powdered juices or artificial juices. They have tons of sugar. They are like juices that are not really juices. It is safe if you can just get a fruit that is considered safe for dogs and turn them into juices. You can always check out the best juicers on the market to help you in making these juices. Besides, you can always use one yourself. When thinking of the best juicer to buy, remember to consider affordable juicers. You don’t have to spend a lot of money just to buy these juicers. You just have to study about particular fruits though. Some of them might be too acidic for your dogs.


Dirty water

Dogs usually can’t identify clean from dirty water. This is why they drink water from the pool, toilet bowl or pretty much everywhere else. You need to teach them to avoid dirty water. They contain bacteria. They might have stronger immune system to fight these bacteria off, but they could still suffer. It is in their best interest to not drink the water from these sources at all. If you keep training them, then they will avoid drinking from the said sources the next time around.


Dogs are sensitive too

If you think you are too sensitive when it comes to beverages that you can’t tolerate some of them, the same thing is true for your dogs. They might be a bit stronger compared to you, but they also need to be careful of what they drink. Since they don’t have the faculties to decide on which of the options are safe or not, it is best if you do it on their behalf. They are still free to roam around and explore things, but you need to guide them especially when you know that something is not good for them.