Oct 16

Be Careful Around Animals You’re Not Familiar With

Be Careful When Around Animals You’re Not Familiar OfWhen you see those cute and cuddly animals, your first reaction would be to come near them or touch them. You might get so used to your pets at home. With their sweet faces and their funny movements, you can’t help it but want to touch them right away. There is no problem with being so close to animals. They really are God’s gift to us and we must take care of them. The only issue is when you are not that familiar of the animal and you decide to stay near it immediately. Take note that just because it looks cute it does not necessarily mean it is actually cute. You might be surprised to realize that it is more dangerous than other large animals you know out there.

Ways of hurting you

Some small animals that look totally harmless might bring potential danger. For instance, when you are at a zoo or in a jungle, you might face small rodents or birds. They might appear cute at first, but they are not. Some birds are venomous. They contain poisonous substances under their feet or beneath their wings. They use it to scare potential predators away. They also use it to kill smaller prey. Sadly though, those small amounts of poison are huge enough to potentially kill people. Before even thinking of going near them, let alone eat them, you have to think twice.

There are also other animals that have really strong jaws or claws. The strength they possess is not proportionate to their actual size. Your immediate reaction might be to touch them. For some birds, you might allow them to come near you or rest on your shoulder. When they do, they might even crush your bones (or at least you’ll feel like it). You don’t want to face this situation.

Protect yourself

If possible, avoid touching these animals as your best self-defense. If you can’t help it, then you can come near them with protection. Wear gloves so you won’t touch the animals directly. You should also remove other items in your body. For instance, if you are wearing watches or bracelets, you have to remove them. For bigger animals, you can wear a jacket that could potentially protect you. A head gear might even be needed for certain instances.

If for instance, you come near these animals without protection, you need to wash your hands immediately or go to the doctor when you have irritations later. If the animals have broken your accessories, such as your watch, then just buy a new one. If want the best watch brands for men, there are inexpensive models available. This does not have to be a problem. If you want more expensive choices, then check out the best mens watches from a luxury watch brand.

There are many ways to stay protected when you face animals you are not familiar of. Again, before you come near them, you have to think of safety first. A lot of people have died because of these issues before.