Feb 09

Going on an Adventure with Your Dog? Here are Must-Know Tips

Most people come to me for advice on their pets, both inside my clinic and on the streets. I find myself being a less-popular and poorer version of Cesar Milan, the famed dog whisperer.  I have people chat me up while on the grocery or even when I am on vacation. I guess this is one of the disadvantages of being a community figure; everyone knows who I am and what I do.

Once, I was vacationing in Hawaii and came across some interesting stories. Here, I wasn't the famous vet that everyone knows. But I think my affection for pets always gives me away because I find myself gravitating towards people who travel with their pets in tow. Being in Hawaii, it was natural to see the affluent travelers and vacationers with dogs and cats in designer bags and carrying cases. They have these expensive cages and eat food that is more expensive that you and I would dine on. These are the pets who get groomed and pampered all the time while the rest of the population work their hardest to make a decent living.

No complaints here. I've long accepted that some pets are more pampered than humans. Take for example dogs who go surfing in Hawaii. Yes, being naturally good swimmers and with a good sense of balance, it is not a far-fetched idea that dogs can surf.  Dogs, just like humans, can use these very creative and helpful inflatable paddle boards from http://shakasurfer.com/inflatable-paddle-boards. I've seen how helpful they are for both pets and humans and it’s just another way for pet owners to be able to enjoy more time with their four-legged pets. Dogs have an amazing sense of balance, and if you want to teach your dog how to surf, this kind of paddle board will be something truly helpful for you. You can use it on an inflatable pool for practice and out in the open when the dog and human are both attuned to the idea of surfing.

Another thing that I normally notice during vacations is that dogs would get themselves hopelessly entangled into anything. Leashes can become knotted and dogs often panic when this happens. As a pet owner, one of the best things that you can do aside from always having newspaper and litter paper around is to carry this http://survivaliskey.com/best-pocket-knife. It is considered the best pocket knife by outdoors people and it will clearly help you and your pet get out of an unfortunate situation with the least damage. I say this because an entangled or trapped dog panics and causes more panic to ensue in the rest of the environment he is in. Best to cut the leash loose with a knife rather than cause more damage to property.

These two tips can help make your vacation time with dogs or any other pet for that matter, more enjoyable and pleasant. It will also help to have the number of a vet on your speed dial just in case anything untoward happens.