Feb 05

Hiring A Cleaning Company to Clean After Your Pets

Pets are a fun and loving addition to any household. They are forever friends who quickly become the smallest members of the family. But along with the joys that Fluffy and Fido bring into the home also comes a whole new level of cleaning issues. Oftentimes, people don’t realize the amount of cleaning that will come with new pets.

Most people think it’s simply a matter of cleaning up some cat fur or a little puppy piddle left on the floor. Once they realize just how involved things can get, they often feel overwhelmed. The amount of shedding animal hair alone will make you question whether you have adopted a cat or dog, or a yeti. Fortunately, there are professional cleaning services that cater specifically to the needs of pet owners. They operate on the same principles as a regular housecleaning/maid service, but their primary focus is on the mess left by your pets.

Someone’s going to clean up THAT?
Believe it or not, yes. Especially if you hire the right bond cleaning company. Pet cleaning services are equipped and prepared for the worst of the worst that your pet has to “offer”. You may initially feel mortified at the thought of having someone come into your home specifically to clean up after your pet. But once you have done it yourself a few times, you will develop a great appreciation for the service! Remember, many of the folks who work for these companies have their own fur babies at home, so it’s likely to be nothing they haven’t encountered before.

What exactly does the service include?

As with any cleaning service, the options vary. Some services will schedule a day each week to come to your home and do a general cleaning, and then either bi-weekly or monthly they will do a full-scale deep cleaning.
General cleaning services may include:
•Cleaning litter boxes
•Cleaning pet houses/crates/cages/sleeping areas
•Cleaning of pet food areas
•Removing pet hair from furniture & floors
•Eliminating pet odors
•Removal of stains/spots on carpets or furniture due to pet accidents

A more thorough cleaning may include all of the above services plus:
•Deep cleaning of spots on carpets or furniture due to pet accidents
•Removal of dog waste from yard areas
•Treatment of surfaces to prevent cat spraying issues

Why not just do it myself?

The more in-depth cleaning services offered by these companies have many advantages. They are especially beneficial if someone in your home suffers from allergies due to cat hair or dander. Routine daily cleaning doesn’t always ensure thorough removal of hair or dander; therefore, buildup can occur quickly. Spots left by pet accidents can be cleaned with a wide array of store-bought cleaning products. However, professional-grade products are needed to remove deep-down spots, which will help to prevent permanent stains.

Let the professionals make your life-and your pet’s-easier

If you are like most people today, you have a hectic schedule. You want to spend the free time you do have relaxing or spending quality time with your family, including your pets. Why not let the professionals handle at least some of the cleaning for you?