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Feb 09

Going on an Adventure with Your Dog? Here are Must-Know Tips

Most people come to me for advice on their pets, both inside my clinic and on the streets. I find myself being a less-popular and poorer version of Cesar Milan, the famed dog whisperer.  I have people chat me up while on the grocery or even when I am on vacation. I guess this is …

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Feb 05

Hiring A Cleaning Company to Clean After Your Pets

Pets are a fun and loving addition to any household. They are forever friends who quickly become the smallest members of the family. But along with the joys that Fluffy and Fido bring into the home also comes a whole new level of cleaning issues. Oftentimes, people don’t realize the amount of cleaning that will …

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Jan 27

Nail art for dogs

You probably have heard countless vet jokes and one-liners, but here’s one I experienced: A lady walked into the vet with a really fat cat, another overfed pet, I mused. The lady wanted to know why the cat was so fat despite cutting her food rations, and on first look, I discovered it was pregnant. …

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Jan 21

Why Pet Love is Forever

Having pets is already a big responsibility almost akin to having children. Most people treat pets like humans, giving the best when it comes to food and shelter, even clothing too. Being a veterinarian, I have seen clients worry themselves when their pets get sick. They rush to the clinic as though they were bringing …

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Jan 17

The Most Heartbreaking Animal Rescue Mission I’ve Even Been a Part of

As a vet, I have seen my fair share of neglected and abused animals. You see, I offer pro bono work to animal rescue organizations around the US. I accompany volunteers on rescue missions just in case any of the animals need on the spot treatment before it can be brought to the facility. I …

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Jan 12

Bats In The Attic: 5 Tips For Humane Removal

As a veterinarian I often receive calls from homeowners who are confused about what to do when they find an injured animal in their household. Yes – most of the time these animals are considered household pests, however, if you find an injured animal in your house please call your local veterinarian for advice on …

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Dec 25

Get Your Ailing Pet to an Ultrasound Technician!

Diagnosing an older, ailing pet can be tricky – without the ability for them to tell us about internal pain we vets sometimes have to resort to other means. An ultrasound is a non-invasive imaging method allowing internal body structures to be examined by recording echoes or reflections of ultrasonic waves. It provides a high …

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Dec 25

Have a Pet? You Need an Air Purifier

No matter how cute and sweet Fluffy and Spot are or how much you love them, sometimes they shed – and sometimes their dander can really affect your asthma or allergies. Thankfully, when it comes to things like pet dander, you do have options available to you. And no, it doesn’t include getting rid of …

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Dec 22

How to Lower Your Pet’s Energy Level

Not a lot of pet owners know how important exercise is for their pets. Some think letting their dogs out into the yard or walking them for 15 minutes a day is enough. The truth is, dogs, especially large breeds, require a lot more activity than that. Pent up energy in pets can become a …

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Dec 18

How to Keep Your Dog Happy if You’re at Work All Day

Having pets is a bit of a chore all on its own, especially if you live alone or, as most of us do, in an urban environment. Animals like cats and dogs are meant to be outside, and as a result it can take a bit of effort on behalf of their owner to ensure …

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Dec 01

Pets & Paintballs: A Toxicity Issue

Outdoor games are becoming more popular in today’s active society and one of the most popular is paintball; a game where participants shoot opposing team members with pellets of paint in an effort to eliminate them and win the game. Unfortunately, all though this game is fun many pet owners don’t know that their paint …

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Nov 28

How to keep fit with your dog

Man’s best friend can easily be trained into an effective workout partner. Dogs are natural runners and are best known for their loyal, steadfast personalities. Your pooch will stick by you during any tough workout, leaving little room for excuses. First and foremost, your biggest concern should always be your dog’s health. An untrained dog, …

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Nov 24

Veterinarians & Their Assistants Must Be Many Things

People often get angry when speaking with veterinarians like myself. “Oh, that procedure costs far too much money!”, “I bet all you are interested in is the contents of my bank account!”, “You clearly don’t care about animals at all!”. Have people ever stopped for a moment to consider their veterinarian’s job? Veterinarians and Vet …

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