Feb 13

Pets Deserve Safe and Clean Water

When it comes to drinking water, we are really careful of what we put into our mouth. In fact, many people don’t drink tap water even if it is deemed potable in their area. This is a good thing especially if you want to stay safe and healthy. However, when it comes to pets, a lot of people could only care less. As long as the water looks clean, they won’t mind giving it to their pets. This is definitely a big no. Take note that just like humans pets also deserve clean drinking water. In fact, some animals are more sensitive to drinking water than humans. Therefore, if you want safe drinking water for you and your pets, then you might have to consider a water ionizer.

What is a water ionizer?

Ionizers are simple machines that cleanse water by means of filtering. The filter is composed of activated carbon and ceramic. During the filtration process, the water ions will be split into two. This separates the acidic and alkaline parts. If the ideal alkaline level is met, then it provides lots of health benefits.

The pH level can be changed depending on the use of water. If you are to drink the water, then light alkaline is appropriate. The same thing is true for pets. On the other hand, for cooking and brewing purposes, medium alkaline is perfect. Finally, for cooking vegetables and rice, and cleaning fruits, heavy alkaline can be used. Take note that these dishes have to be prepared well. If not, you might have stomach problems and so will your pet.

Best Qualities

The best part about using the ionizer is that it is so easy to handle. You can easily choose the alkaline level using an LCD touch screen. You can also change the levels with a simple touch. When it comes to the device itself, you are assured that it will last for a long time. It is coated with titanium. The plates are guaranteed to last long. These devices usually come with at least one year warranty. Voice prompt is also available to help you deal with the device easily.

Why will your pets love ionized water?

To begin with, ionized water tastes really good compared with ordinary water. It also helps flush out toxins of the body. Pets are vulnerable to different toxins due to the nature of the food that they eat. Therefore, when you use ionized water, you are guaranteed that they will remain healthy. This is true especially if they drink the water regularly. The water also balances the alkaline levels in the body. This helps your pets avoid certain diseases. 

If you are interested with this idea, you can check out a thorough Alkalux 2507 water ionizer review through this site. You will find out more about the benefits that you will get out of the device. It might feel weird when you taste the water at first. The same thing is true for your pets. However, the more that you take it, the better it feels.

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