Feb 13

The Importance of Taking Your Cats to the Vet Once in a While

Most cat owners take their cats to the vet at least once a year. Well, this is if the cat is lucky enough to be taken to the vet at all. Most cat owners see their cats as healthy and are not in need of regular check. However, the truth is that according to most vets, cats need to be checked in every 5 to 6 months. They might seem healthy looking, but they could have certain ailments that need treatment. Besides, we always play with cats. It is therefore important that they remain healthy especially if when we are around them all the time.

What does a cat get during checkups?

On a regular checkup, your cat will get a check from head to tail. Each part will be checked for infections, wounds or other problems. The entire procedure lasts for about 15 to 20 minutes. However, this can go even longer if there are problems found on your pet. If your cat already has some problems, then it might have to go through some more tests. For instance, if your cat can’t walk well due to some bone fractures on the leg, then it might be have to undergo x-ray. It might even go through surgery when necessary. The visit might also be for vaccination purposes. It is better to have your pets vaccinated. This is not just for their good but also for your kids who will play with them.

Aside from serious tests, your cat will undergo regular checks during the visit. This might include checking of the ears for possible parasites. The mouth and teeth will also be checked for potential gum diseases or even tartar. The skin will also be looked closely for lesions or other skin problems. Your cat will also be weighed. Cats tend to be overweight. This can pose lots of health risks. Thus, the vet will ensure that it won’t be a problem in the long run. This is true especially for indoor cats as they get less physical activities.

Advantages of regular checkups

You might find these checkups unnecessary especially if you don’t think your cat has a problem. In fact, you might think of it as just a waste of money. However, you have to understand that your cats need to stay healthy. They are not as strong as human beings. Their lives might be cut short if they face certain conditions, even if they are supposed to have nine lives.

Furthermore, your cat might easily contact respiratory diseases or rabies. There is also a condition called feline leukemia that is as fatal as leukemia for human beings. It is therefore imperative to have them checked to secure their health. This will also prevent them from potentially spreading the disease to humans.

Avoiding stress during checkups

You might find checkups stressful especially if your cat cannot be taken to the car easily. Thus, you need to make sure that you have the toys ready. You must also secure your cat in a container to avoid running out of the car or causing more problems. You should also condition your cat about this medical checkup every now and then.

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