Feb 14

Tips on How to Make Sure Your Dog Enjoys its Shelter

Being a veterinarian has always been a dream for me. As a young boy, I always had this deep passion for animals and caring for them, and nursing them to health. Ensuring their survival is one of the most rewarding things that I have accomplished in my life. The thing with my experience as a veterinarian though is that not only do I get to care for people’s pets, I also get to advise my clients on how to best take care of their pets’ homes. This is supposed to be beyond my skills and training but I believe that the welfare of the dog also depends, to a huge extent, on the condition of its shelter.

A lot of my clients use cages to house their pets, particularly large dogs since they cannot have them inside their house at all times. Others choose to build wooden houses for their dogs. Whatever your choice is, there are some benefits and drawbacks for each. The best thing you can do is to properly care for your pet’s shelter as that would ensure protection for him from the elements.

Let us take a look at some of the most common pet shelters that people use today.

Metal Cages

Metal cages are popular because they are sturdy and would serve for a long time. If you have a large dog like a Rottweiler or a Mastiff, then it should be the pet shelter of your choice. The problem with metal cages is that if proper care is not applied, they could deteriorate way faster than expected.

Metal rust is a nasty enemy. It can be annoying when it comes in contact with your clothing, but that is just a minor thing. Rusts will not only destroy your dog cage but it will also endanger your beloved pet. The problem is that rusts develop when metal is exposed to water. This is something unavoidable given that the dog would urinate at least once in a day.

Inspect the cage thoroughly. If you detect any rust formation, no matter how small, treat it right away. You can use lemon juice (citric acid). Acetic acid also works well against rusts. Your vinegar is a great source of acetic acid. Another excellent recipe I learned from my travels is a mixture of salt and lime. Simply apply a bit of salt on the affected area and then squeeze a lime or lemon over the salt until it is soaking. Wait for a couple of hours and remove the rust using the lime rind.

Wooden Shelter

Wooden shelter for dogs is a great alternative to metal cages. They provide the same amount of protection but they do not cost as much as their metal counterpart. In fact, you can simply have them constructed from scrap materials.

The problem with this type of pet shelter is that it is not as sturdy as metal cages and is susceptible to insect attacks such as that of termites. Termites are a real pest especially when they get out of hand. The thing with these tiny insects is that you never notice they have attacked until it is too late.

Fortunately, dealing with termites is not that difficult. You just have to keep it in mind from the day you had your pet’s wooden shelter built. The best way to keep termites off is by treating the whole shelter with repellants. You can learn more about this by checking with professionals or looking at http://www.termiteshelp.info/ to gain information like termite treatment cost as well as ways to deal with the problem on your own.

Always remember, providing shelter for your dog is as important as feeding them. Loving your dog also means making extra effort to take care of their shelter.