Nov 27

Walking Your Pet at the Park is Not Enough Exercise for You

Walking Your Pet at the Park is Not Enough Exercise for YouIf you have a pet dog and you love it so much, you might want to spend a lot of time with it. Walking your dog to the park is one of the best things that you can do. This also makes your dog enjoy the surrounding even more. It is also a perfect bonding time for the two of you. The best part is that your dogs need exercises just like humans. If you place your dog inside your house only, it misses the chance to strengthen its muscles. This is why walking it to the park is a good idea.


The only problem in doing this is that you tend to think that you are also doing an exercise. Take note that walking your dog to the park is an exercise for the pet and not for you. You might have exerted some efforts, but you have to understand that it is not enough. Therefore, don’t think that just because you have spent time with your dog around the park does not mean you have already burnt enough calories to count as an exercise for you. The truth is that you need to do more.


Hit the gym


Although it is good that you spend your free time with your pet, you also need to spend you other free time to hit the gym and exercise more. Use the treadmill for cardio exercise and lift some weights if possible. These are the forms of exercises that will help you build muscles and maintain a good shape.


If you want more intense workout training, go for cross fit exercises. This is now becoming a trend. A lot of people are into it since its results are very fast. You can see the changes in your body after just a few sessions. However, this is no joke. You need to be careful with the techniques since you might really get injured. You also have to go for it whenever you can since your body has to adjust to the level of difficulty. Many people give up because it is too difficult for them, but a lot of others have learned to love it. If you want to give it a try, then buy the best crossfit shoes for sale now. This will help you during the exercise and support your entire body. You can also check out the best shoes for crossfit online if you can’t find in your local area.


Manage your time wisely


Yes, you want to spend time with your dog as often as possible. This is why you are happy each time you head to the park. You think of it as a bonding time, but also an exercise time. The truth is that you need to still hit the gym to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Learn to manage your time so you can spend some of it with your pet and some others on maintaining a good body. Get started now.